is neat.

Being Neatly isn’t just about throwing things away or having every glass in the cupboard in a perfect row (although we do love that), it’s about being free of the things that weigh you down so you can live in the moment. Being Neatly will help you move through your day with more calm and purpose, so you can find a balance between you and the objects that surround you.

Starting with a free on-site consultation, we evaluate your needs and provide you with a written estimate. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all of our clients and conduct services with the utmost respect. Our sole goal is to provide a positive and supportive experience in a safe, welcoming environment. Once the work begins, we will tackle your clutter and clear your space with intention and purpose.

We manage all aspects of the project from design and organization, donation removal, trash pick-up, picture hanging, furniture assembly, and other light handyman work. We take your project from inception to completion, teaching you how to maintain your space and keep clutter from building up again.

Free Consultation

I’m Josh Gelfand, a dedicated husband and grateful dad of two amazing little ones.

As long as I can remember, I’ve kept neat spaces and have enjoyed helping anyone who would let me organize theirs. These natural strengths and talents served me well in my first career as a professional Glass Artist and owner of my own glass studio. For over 20 years I loved the process of making glass objects but always struggled, along with many of my clients, deciding where to house all the beautiful glass. In addition, having two young children inspired me to develop innovative small-space solutions for our growing family. So I sold my glass studio and set off on a new career of helping others to create spaces that make them feel their best and most productive.

I have a passion for taking clutter and chaos and arranging it into organization and calm. With the skills of an efficiency production manager, an eye for aesthetic beauty, an inherent sense of spatial proximity and the know-how and forte to put it all together, I’m the perfect person to help you achieve your organizational goals. I can’t wait to meet you and help you along your path to becoming more NEATLY!

Free Consultation

Free 15-30 minute in home/work consultation to evaluate your needs and goals, and to explain the process of decluttering and organizing.

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